"Why do people hurt the ones they love? (physically and emotionally)" -- Evod 

You're asking me a question that I have no experience with or basis to answer, so anything I say is purely opinion.

I think a lot of physical abuse stems from the "bully" mentality. I'm bigger, stronger, make more money, what I say goes, you're supposed to be submissive to me and do whatever I say. Also, people who have grown up in a home with physical abuse tend to think that that's what's normal. Some of the women rationalize that they did something to deserve it, or that it's just the way it is and how it is going to be. Otherwise they might lose their home or children or means of support. It's better than being on the street alone.

Emotional abuse for a bully is easy. They know the person they supposedly love and what their fears are, what pushes their buttons. They know how to hurt them because they know them well, and it's easy to hurt them and hard for them to fight back, especially if physical abuse is also an issue.

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